Come hang out with me as I make some stuff! I don’t write on the stream (because bo-ring! and also spoilers), BUT I do make book covers, digital art, 3D models (spaceships and planets and fan art, oh my!), and whatever else I happen to be up to.

Twitch accounts are free to register, the stream is free to watch, and you are free to throw cookies at my face while I’m working!

You don’t need a webcam, a microphone, or even a particularly fast computer (though a solid internet connection helps). Text is chat-based and I love to interact with folks who drop in (although you can sit and lurk if it makes you more comfortable).

Link is here. Click it. Sign up or sign in. Follow me. Hang out. Chat. Pick songs that we can listen to while we hang. Be sure to let me know you came from my website so that I know what special flavor of awesome you are. <3

Some recent stuff made on stream: