Exciting Update

Exciting Update

Rawr. It is 3am as I’m writing this (hopefully I’ll sleep before I publish) and my brain is tired, y’all. There are some exciting new developments happening, but I’ll be rolling them out a little at a time so that your brains don’t also overload and then turn to you like, “Bish, I’m tired, stop it.” Because… brains totally do that, right guys?

… guys?

Anyway. One very cool thing that I can talk about is that I am now livestreaming, woo! Well, I mean, not now now (but maybe?), but more of a general now. These days. I now livestream. On Twitch. Where, if you haven’t already, you should sign up for a free account and follow me and hang out and say, “Hi.”

“So, what goes on in a livestream?” you might ask, even if I were not hypothetically speaking for you in order to make a point. Well, friend, shenanigans. Shenanigans go on. Shenanigans like 3D modeling (vogue for me, you sexy spaceship, you! ….. jaysus, I need more sleep) and book cover making and digital painting. I don’t livestream the story writing yet (because for real, as boring as it is to watch me fight with color options for a hologram–and it’s totally not boring, you should come and hang out in the streams >.>–watching someone write is… shockingly boring. Also, spoilers. Also, one of the fun parts of streaming is hanging out with the cool cats who are watching, and something about my brain just flat-out misfires when I try to combine hanging out and acting human with writing. So. There may come a day, but it is not this day.

What you need to know: THIS LINK is where you go to hang. (And, for the curious, the last two weeks’ worth of streams can be viewed to get an idea of expected shenanigans.) I don’t have a stone-set schedule yet as I work out all of the kinks, but you can follow at any time (hit the little heart at the top of the page on Twitch) and you’ll get notified of live streams.

Come. Follow. Hang out. Tell me that Blog Me sent you, and I’ll know you’re a special kind of awesome.

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