Quick Update

Quick Update

I’m getting ready to jump into a write-a-thon this evening and through tomorrow morning with some of my fellow authors in Phoenix Prime. I hope to live-tweet the fun, so follow me over on Twitter (@shinydanceshoes) if you wanna hang.

So, some quick updates on what is currently in the pipeline:

  • Conscript is in its final editing throws, and will be coming out very soon (hopefully tomorrow)
  • Recruited¬†is the follow-up to¬†Conscript and the lead-in to the first novel of the first series (woo!), and that should be ready to fly next week

Busy, busy! I’m off to it, and won’t be up for air and out of the story until midday tomorrow, at which point I will be thrilled to answer the emails, phone calls, and texts that I receive in the meantime. Wish me luck!

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